Perfect Binding is used on paperback books, booklets/catalogs, magazines, and inexpensive products such as manuals and workbooks. The cover is glued to the signatures (large sheets printed with a multiple of four pages, which are then folded to make a book) at the spine. A type of flexible adhesive or hot glue is used, and the sides of the papers that are attached to the spine are rough-cut so that they will absorb the glue and stick to the spine. The glue attaches the signatures to the cover of the product, holding the individual pieces in place. The remaining 3 unbound sides of the sheets of paper are face trimmed so that any folds will be removed and the individual pieces of papers, separated. Perfect binding can be used for thicker publications, since it can hold more pages than saddle stitch binding. Available for booklets/catalogs from 48-96 pages (including cover).


Saddle Stitch Binding is a process in which the signatures (or the sheets with several pages printed on them) are stapled through the spine, or the saddle. Loose sheets of paper are first folded and inserted within each other, and the fold becomes the spine of the product where it will be bound. The product is then stapled through the spine, holding the sheets of paper in place. Saddle stitch binding is used for little booklets and newsletters, and is essentially used for products that do not have a high volume of pages. Our calendars are saddle stitched, and we also offer stitch binding for our booklets/catalogs for up to 96 pages (including cover).

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